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Thursday, April 17, 2008



by jessika


beautiful, unique, lovely

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love is wonderful


Essay sample

"Whatching the Soccer Game"

I ) Thesis / introducction: I love to play soccer, but more than loving playing it, i love and enjoy watching the game either when I`m with my family or friends, we always get together, and we fill the room with euphoria, happiness and just with that impatience that in any moment the game will start.

A) My favorite team is the Real Madrid. I think they are the best, even when they have had some loses, but is still the best team to me, everyone has their favorite right?

B) Last month one of my best friends invited me to the game, I was so happy but at the same time, I has thinking in not going because I dont like the wrote situation about people fighting at a game just because either the other team lost or someone made a bad comment, or just someone threw trash on someone else just because he wanted trouble. Those kinds of things make me uncomfortable and it loses my interest of enjoying and watching the game in a relaxed way.

C) That is the reason of why I enjoy watching the game at home with my family and friends, because in that way I won´t have to usten to all that noise around me of people arguing, and all I can hear is the game besides, what´s better than eating home made snacks, drinking a few beers with your friends and just relaxing while you´re watching the game.

II) Another thing; who likes watching the game in the stadium where you get awfull seats (specially the view) and on top of that the seats are incredibly uncomfortable. Well, I don´t all pushing around, and without even saying excuse me, or (I´m sorry). I bet that by the time you get to your seat after all that pushing, your enthusiasm will be depressing. Some people find it a bit fun to go through the whole - line waiting; sometimes under the sun, but in my case I prefer not going throug all that trouble.

III) In my conclusion, I prefer whatching the game at home where I can do anything in my way, where i can get up without oushing anyone, specially making someone uncomfortable and where I can eat anything I want without having to spend too much at the store.

I think it´s much better watching the game at your own place, and enjoying every moment of it without any interruptions.

That is why we have that famous saying " There´s no place like home".

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (also known as Real Madrid, Los Blancos, Los Merengues or in English Royal Madrid Football Club) is a professional Spanish football club based in Madrid. Founded in 1902, it plays in La Liga and is one of the most successful football clubs of the 20th century, having won thirty La Liga titles, seventeen Copa del Rey and a record nine UEFA Champions League titles.

The team was a founding member of the now defunct G-14 group of leading European football clubs. The club plays its home games at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid. Real Madrid is unusual in that, unlike most football clubs, it has been owned and operated only by its members (socios) since 1902. On December 23, 2000, FIFA awarded the Spanish team the title of the "Best Club of the 20th Century".

] Los Blancos is the most successful club in UEFA club football competitions history with nine European Cups and two UEFA Cups; more than any other European club. The only European trophy it hasn't won is the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, in which it played two finals, losing both by 2 goals to 1, first to Chelsea 2-1 in 1971, after an initial 1-1 draw in the first leg, the team lost 1-0 in the return leg and Aberdeen 2-1 in 1983.
Real Madrid is the biggest and most popular football club in the world according to the case studies at
Harvard University in 2007. It is also the richest one in terms of revenue.

Friday, March 28, 2008



Cybersex. This word brings to mind a barrage of images, which might be on Stra Trek or virtual reality video by aerosmith. Sex is everywhere today-in books, magazines, films, internet, television, and music videos. Something about the combination of sex and computers seems to make children and adults for that matter, a little crazy. In an 18 month study, the team surveyed 917,840 sexually explicit pictures on the internet where pornographic. Trading in explicit imagery is now "one of thelargest recreational applications of users of computer networks."

The great majority (71%) of the sexual images on the newsgrouls originate from adult oriented bulletin-board systems (BBS). According to BBS, 98.9% of the consumers of online porn are men. The women hold a 1.1% in chat rooms and on Bulletin boards. Perhaps because hard-core sex pictures are so widely available elsewhere, the adult BBS market seems to be driven by demand for images that can't be found on the average magazine rack, such as pedophilia, hebephilia, and paraphilia. While groups like the Family Research Council insisdt that online child molesters represent a clear and present danger, there is no evidence that it is any greater than that thousands of other threats children face everyday.

The Exxon bill proposed to outlaw obscene material and impose fines uo to $100,000and prison term up to two years on anyone who knowinglymakes "indecent" material available to children under the age of 18. Robert Thomas spends his days like any other inmate at the U.S. Medicalcenter for Federal prisoners in Springfield. Thomas,39 a amateur BBS in California, made headlines last year when he and his wife were indicted for transmitting pornographic material to a government agent in Tennessee. This case shows how tight of a squeeze the govenment is putting on internet Freedom.

Thesis Stament
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Studying Pre school has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that it is convenient because we have to work with kids, so we can stay in the classroom all day log. Another advantage is that our career is interesting, beautiful and especially cute. A serious advantage that through this career we remember our infancy.On the other hand if we talk about the disadvantages, one can say that first of all is that for some of us it is really difficult sometimes to deal with children and also the way how we communicate with them for instance, we have to mind our language and also if they need a special care, it´s difficult for us to treat them according to their needs. Another serious disadvantage is that the materials to work in presschool are very expensive.

Why is it important to wear your Student ID Card?

My opinion about the use of ID Cards..... Well, it's very important, because irregular situations happened with the students and other people in urbe. To avoid more problems.- I'm thinking that the best solution for security is that students and teachers used them. I like to use the ID Card because i see and know more people. I always usethe ID Card in a visible place.

What's wrong with Peeping Tom Journalism?

In my opinion, I do agree with Mr. Krajicek. The journalism has taken a very big turn compared to how it used to be a long time ago. Before, journalists wrote what was necessary, the essential and what they thought was a priority to know for -us- readers.Nowadays, journalists would do anything in their power to get the "biggest scoop" on whatever happened to Britney`s custody of her kids, or did Michael Jackson got another nose job. In my opinion those are things that to a point; people get tired of reading the same story over again. We want variety, we want to know more about what is happening in the world, and not what actriss had quintuplets. There`s a difference between news and gossip. We can have gossips every now and then, but don`t abuse it.It is true, journalists don`t respect people`s integrity and much less what they`re going to think afterwards. If a student commited suicide after killing the whole classroom just because he or she was being discriminated either by his color, or the way he/she speaks. When the journalist or the reporter has the story, they don`t care what the family and relatives may think, and sometimes that is hard when the story is not true, and that`s when the problems with the people that found the story get in trouble. In a way, that`s their job. But sometimes I think they need to respect what others may think; specially if you`re talking about that person.

What is the purpose of being alive on earth?

I think this is the question we ask ourselves everyday. Why are we here? What is our purpose on this planet? Is almost the same as when God, Jesus Christ lived on the planet, they were here for a reason, God created this wonderful place for us to live in. He gave us everything... trees, animals, air, light but the most important thing, he gave us LIFE.Each day we complain for everything that happens to us, either we`re tired of working, or sometimes we wish for the worst ...(death) either to ourselves or for others. We are here for a reason, we don`t know why, or at least I don`t know why, but we are what we could say God`s Work, we are his workers... we are working his land, every year the population on this planet is greater, and each day we build new things for the rest of us to use.I think we should Live life as it is, its fullest and enjoy every moment of it. No matter why we`re here and the reason, we`re suppouse to live because God gave us a chance to live in this planet.... as life goes on we will figure out the reason, but while we`re at it keep living life; it`s the best present God could have given us.